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Daniel Martinez Capilla - Personal webpage
Computer Systems Engineer
Master in the Erasmus Mundus Master in Computer Vision and Robotics (VIBOT 5)

Vibot 5

Posted by Admin on April 10, 2012

In this section, I upload all the projects and assignments that I've done during the last two years of my  Master's degree. The files are organized by semesters and subjects.
The goal is to help the new VIBOT generations to have a reference example when doing their assignments or projects. Moreover, this is not only focused to VIBOT students; I will be pleased if people that do not belong to the VIBOT family take my examples into consideration. 

SEMESTER 3 (Université de la Bourgogne - FRANCE)

File description
AIA (Advanced Image Analysis)
Tracking assignment (Désiré Sidibe)
Mean Shift tracking
S.Valverde, B.Pèlach & D.Martinez
Wavelets project (with F.Truchetet)
Wavelets and Fractal dimension
S.Valverde & D.Martinez
PT (Pattern Recognition)
(empty list)
MI (Medical Imaging)
(with Paul Walker)  3D/4D representation of blood flow in the thoracic aorta from cine-MRI Images
S. Valverde & D.Martínez
BBMI (Biological Basis of Medical Imaging) Intensity normalization on MRI brains withmultiple sclerosis
S.Valverde & D.Martinez
HV (Human Vision)
Sensors - (with Olivier Aubreton)
CMOS dedicated to 3D
M.J. Sopo, S.Valverde & D.Martínez
Neural Networks (with Elisabeth Thomas) Kohonen project
S.Valverde & D.Martinez
IRPP (InfraRed Polarization and Physics)
Infrared and polarization course (with C.Stolz)
Improving software for computer generated holography for 3D object display
S.Valverde, B.Pèlach & D.Martínez
3D Digitalization (3DD)
Konica minolta LAB session. R.Klapfer, A. Jinda-apiraksa, M.Ehsanul Karim & D.Martinez
Lab TRIMBLE: 3D Digitalization of large objects or scenes with a time of ight 3D Scanner.
M.Ehsanul Karim, D.Pani, D. Venkat & D.Martinez
Self-calibration using Mendoca and Cipolla Assignment.

The VIBOT 5 Generation

Posted by Admin on April 4, 2012
Vibot 5 Generation

The VIBOT 5 Generation - Girona June 2011
Dani, Saeed, Cedric, Sergio, Igor, Mark, Joven, Lukas, Reinhard, Darko, Taro,
Bernat, Sergi, Hashim, Ehsan, Adriyana, Xin and Mariajose


How to make working Microsoft Kinect XBOX 360 from scratch

Posted by Admin on April 4, 2012

This tutorial (also included in my final report), tries to make your life easier when trying to set up the Kinect on your laptop. It took me for a while and I think it is interesting to share my experience with you.