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Daniel Martinez Capilla personal webpage - Thesis

Sign Language Translator using Microsoft Kinect XBOX 360
A master's thesis for the Erasmus Mundus in Computer Vision and Robotics (VIBOT 5)
by Daniel Martínez Capilla

Master Thesis: Sign language translator using Microsoft Kinect  XBOX 360

Posted by Admin on April 13, 2012

The system

Tow different working modes are available:


The user executes a sign and the corresponding word is shown in the output window. The output
can be 1-to-1 (one sign, one output word, as in Figure 8), or can be an output sentence once a
combination of established signs is done (Figure 9, where the user executes “I”,+“want”+”doctor”)


The user inputs a username and a sign name in order to run the TRAINING mode (Figure 9).
After the sign is executed, it is added to the default dictionary. This option makes the system more interactive since the user can add as many signs as wished.

Training the word "toilet"

Daniel Martínez Capilla

Posted by Admin on Aprli 4, 2012

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How to make working Microsoft Kinect XBOX 360 from scratch

Posted by Admin on April 4, 2012

This tutorial (also included in my final report), tries to make your life easier when trying to set up the Kinect on your laptop. It took me for a while and I think it is interesting to share my experience with you.